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Anderson gets a restraining order Rick Salomon, against estranged spouse according to Bing on Sunday. According the report, Anderson stated that Salomon tried to smother her using a pillow while having intercourse in Jan to. The stunning part of the breakup filing was many claims-made by Rick Salomon. Something is for sure; there’s no love lost between these two right now. Photo by Merritt/Getty Images According the court documents, a couple of months before while having sex, Rick Salomon then tried to strangle her and attempted to smother Anderson having a pillow to. She said that he had described her a’ crackhead whore’ along with’slut’ over and over again in their union. Anderson mentioned an allegation that Salomon named her a’serial child killer. ‘ According Dave Solomon, Anderson to get infants with her to, after which when pregnant she aborted the child’. He informed the courtroom that she had been pregnant along with the child of Baby Stone and his child; Equally pregnancies were aborted, based on Salomon.

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Pamela Anderson is really a documented veggie. Salomon claimed that fish is eaten by her regularly and feeds her kids pig. He stated she’d smell the home when she prepared shrimp and her bass up, TMZ reported. Salomon is seeking an annulment of their marriage. He boasts his ground for annulment is fraud. He imagined Pamela was a vegetarian, and she is not, according to him. Anderson expected the courtroom for a restraining order against Salomon and was afraid for her living.

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